Saturday, 20 August 2011

CHAT ....Falsely disguised under the banner of Marxism, Socialism and Communism

According to Roth and Lee, the CHAT theory was falsely disguised under the banner of Marxism, Socialism and Communism (Roth and Lee, 2007). I think that is why we in South Africa were never exposed to the best kept secret of all times.

Not only do I promote the advantages of using the CHAT theory to my colleagues, but use it more often in my classroom. My learners have had the opportunity to experience the changes in my teaching, and in my personal life. It almost felt that I had a complete make-over. The opposite also applies - my one colleague think I have lost my marbles.

Yes, I did loose my marbles, but found new ones that are new and fresh. The old marbles did not do it for me anymore my friend!

I cannot stress the importance of mediation in lesson execution, preparation and planning, enough. Without mediation, which I think is the foundation of the CHAT theory, one cannot actually achieve a growing movement to strive for the "fullness of life" (Roth and Lee, 2007).

One should never loose track of the fact that CHAT addresses the separation between individual and collective, material and mental, biography and history, and practice and theory(Roth and Lee, 2007). 

With all these mentioned advantages, why is it that CHAT is not addressed in basic teacher training? I think it should be urgently addressed in undergraduate classes.

Roth, W.M.& Lee, Y. 2007. Vygotsky's Neglected Legacy: Cultural -Historical Activity Theory. Review of Educational Research. June 2007, Vol.77, No2, pp 186-232.

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