Sunday, 21 August 2011

The use of computers in classrooms....They are not operational....

According to Joanne Hardman, South Africa was ranked last in the 3rd Mathematics and Science study (Hardman, 2005).

What are we going to do about it? Is the Department of Education in Gauteng going to do something about the non-functional Gauteng online classrooms or not. Education is in a crisis. Nothing is done to ensure that this important tool is used to its fullest capacity. Schools now have to pay for their Microsoft Licences. Does nobody understand the importance of these tools?

Computers played an influential role in learning in schools over the past 2 decades (Hardman, 2005). This was done by using calculators and computers in the problem solving environment. Computers can help to facilitate a deeper understanding of algebraic ideas.

The placement of this technology in previously disadvantaged schools is not a problem - but to get them in a working state - is a huge problem.

Hardman, J. 2005. An exploratory case study of computer use in a primary school mathematics classroom: New technology, new pedagogy? University of Cape Town. Perspectives in Education, Volume 23(4). December 2005.

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