Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Why was the lesson on the polluted Henderson Creek a HUGE success?

"Activity is a more enriched form of learning than a teacher teaching on his/her own" (Roth and Lee: 2007)

Learners involved in the lesson on the polluted Henderson Creek, learnt far more than those in Katherine's class, and were also far more productive than those in Katherine's class. I think the reason for that was because the learners chose the object of their actions, and also because they chose the means by which they were going to represent their findings (Roth and Lee: 2007).

Why was this lesson such a HUGE success?
  1. Tools and Instruments mediated the productive activities
  2. Learners collectively defined the the activity
  3. Learners were motivated by a collective societal concern
  4. Learners learnt Science using artifacts
  5. Learners were able to contribute in their own way
  6. Learners went through an "identity" change, the community no longer saw them as Middle School learners, but as RESPONSIBLE citizens.
  7. Learners were the products of their actions, because:
    • Learning were re-introduced into the community
    • Learners were part of furthering learning to others
    • The community consumed what was produced by the learners and ideas as well as conversations were exchanged by learners and members of the community.
  8. The community and parents played different roles with their participation. If this did not happen, not all outcomes would have been met (Roth and Lee: 2007). 

Roth, W.M.& Lee, Y. 2007. Vygotsky's Neglected Legacy: Cultural -Historical Activity Theory. Review of Educational Research. June 2007, Vol.77, No2, pp 186-232.

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