Saturday, 20 August 2011

Dialectics - What I understood...

To understand what the authors Roth and Lee had in mind with the term "Dialectics" I had to go and research the meaning of the word. This concept was very difficult to understand initially, but I have a clearer picture in my mind as to what message the authors Roth and Lee tried to get across.

According to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia; "Dialectics" can be described as a method of argument, for resolving a disagreement. It can be seen as a dialogue between two people holding different points of view about something and through reasoned arguments try and establish the truth of the matter (Wikipedia Internet source). The Wikipedia also states that dialectics is different from debate because it argues for the sake of strife and not to settle disputes (Wikipedia Internet source).

Dialectics is regarded as the most appropriate frame of reference for the study of human development (Roth and Lee, 2007). Without dialectic reasoning, we cannot create living classrooms where the individuals contribution is not taken into consideration. Roth and Lee uses a very nice example of a fibre in a strand. They describe student as fibres in a strand, which forms part of a thread, the community (Roth and Lee, 2007). All students (fibres) should be allowed to collectively form part of a fibre (community) in all aspects of teaching and learning (Roth and Lee, 2007).

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