Sunday, 21 August 2011

Language, Language Learning and Literacy - paramount tools in the classroom!

According to Roth and Lee, Language and language learning has found a proper place in the CHAT theory, when it is combined with speech act theory (Roth and Lee, 2007). I have experienced it first hand in my classroom where language was used for action.

To negotiate meaning, uses language. There is a strong relationship between an activity or motive and achieving activity or a goal (Roth and Lee, 2007). In my Social Sciences lessons, I have found that through mediation and the importance of language, bith the learners an I became more comfortable with the new way of learning and teaching.

When learners were describing the artifacts they have found, they were drawing on words or objects that were used previously, to voice or promote and action, by achieving a certain outcome. Roth and Lee describes the use of language as a means and product of communication as well as a tool of mediation (Roth and Lee, 2007).

Through the use of language and communication, my learners became more empowered and felt that they were more worthy of an opinion in the class. This is something that I have never allowed. My policy in life was, that I should stick to what is important - to get the job done. Very little time was allowed to actually create a social environment in which I created responsible citizens. Learners became comfortable, and matters were now negotiated.

Roth, W.M.& Lee, Y. 2007. Vygotsky's Neglected Legacy: Cultural -Historical Activity Theory. Review of Educational Research. June 2007, Vol.77, No2, pp 186-232.

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