Monday, 22 August 2011

Research design and Methods : The instructional context

The school that Joanne Hardman is referring to in her case study is located in the farming area outside Cape Town. The school fees payable is R150 per annum in comparison to the mean of annual school fees of R700 per annum. Only a third of parents can afford the school fees (Hardman 2005).

The school has 167 learners that are coming from very poor backgrounds. The school runs a feeding scheme, and has also benefited from the WCED's Khanya initiative by providing digital equipment to disadvantaged learners.

The parents are very supportive and also use the computer facility to empower themselves. The computers have only been in the school for one year.

Hardman, J. 2005. An exploratory case study of computer use in a primary school mathematics classroom: New technology, new pedagogy? University of Cape Town. Perspectives in Education, Volume 23(4). December 2005.

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